Introducing VacilLogix™ — a new kind of organization for a new age of enlightenment.

As the first entrepreneurial venture to fully embrace the limitless productive power of sociopathy, VacilLogix™ is committed to providing high-performance technologies for universally democratizing sociopathic strategies. As such, VacilLogix™ is not just a software company or even a brand, but a social movement, a collective art performance, a cultural activist organization. We see ourselves as a business opportunity over 500 years in the making.

Take some time to get to know the new face of social media. Discover the power of VacilLogix™.


Corporate Profile

VacilLogix™ is a privately held company devoted to providing industry-leading sociopathic technologies. Find out more about our unique company history, corporate profile, and business plan. Learn more »


VacilLogix™ is an organization constantly on the move, creating new versions of the future at every moment of the present. Take some time to catch up with our latest news and sign up to receive real-time streams of our developments as they happen. Learn more »

Current Opportunities

VacilLogix™ is always on the lookout for bright new talent to help us improve our game. If you think you've got what it takes to be a player, check into our current employment availabilities for all our latest opportunities and partnerships. Learn more »