VacilLogix™ participates in SPECULATIVE show at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) gallery

June 16, 2011 — VacilLogix™ is proud to be a part of SPECULATIVE, a highly experimental art show curated by Christopher O'Leary and Zach Blas for the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) gallery. The show will open on June 16 and run until August 28. As part of it's contribution, VacilLogix™ will debut its new Deceptionist™ Guided Video Tour in addition to other cultural software products. Our participation in SPECULATIVE reflects the high level of critical practice underlying everything we do at VacilLogix™.

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Deceptionst™ Guided Video Tour

The Deceptionist™ Guided Video Tour provides a sneak peek of many basic and advanced features you can expect from the upcoming release of the Deceptionist™ for Apple iOS.

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VacilLogix™ Executive Presentation

A presentation from VacilLogix™ founder and CEO, Casey Alt explaining the VacilLogix™ mission and philosophy. Originally delivered in Los Angeles, CA, in 2008.

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VacilLogix™ Blue Virus Animation

To meet the increasing challenges of today's economy, VacilLogix™ is a uniquely nimble, adaptive, and unpredictable organization. This strategy of forever oscillating, everywhere-and-nowhere fluidity is reflected in our name as well as in our trademark image — the morphing VacilLogix™ "blue virus." In a cultural moment dominated by the appeal of 3D computer animations, the blue virus is the perfect symbol of contemporary sociopathy.

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Being Derivative: The Future of Speculative Practice :: A VacilLogix™ white paper

Our most recent white paper regarding the state of the art of sociopathic practice, particularly as it intersects with artistic and financial speculative practices. Analysis topics include: the disparity of progress between artistic and financial speculative practices, current technological opportunities for convergence between the two disciplines, and strategic recommendations for future speculative practice. Published as part of SPECULATIVE, the exhibition catalog for the SPECULATIVE show at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) gallery in summer 2011.

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