We make sociopathy our business. And business is good.

Founded in 2008, VacilLogix™ is the first business venture to explicitly devote itself to the production and sale of sociopathy. While many other corporations produce sociopathy merely as a byproduct of their other activities, sociopathy is our sole passion and mission. We are proud to be the industry-leader in the design and development of sociopathic technologies, particularly during a time of such unprecedented consumer demand. We're at the top of our game, and we're just getting started. We invite you to take some time to appreciate our unique company profile for yourself.

At VacilLogix™, the future begins now.


Our company

Launched in the spring of 2008, VacilLogix™ is a privately held corporation-of-one, consisting solely of founder, CEO, and inspirational serial entrepreneur, Casey Alt. In a world where the rights of "natural" humans are rapidly being siphoned off to the "artificial" human entities of corporations, VacilLogix™ encourages everyone to upgrade themselves by becoming corporations-of-one. Our core mission is to create the technical and cultural software for everyone to incorporate.

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Our identity

To meet the increasing challenges of today's economy, VacilLogix™ is a uniquely nimble, adaptive, and unpredictable organization. This strategy of forever oscillating, everywhere-and-nowhere fluidity is reflected in our name as well as in our trademark image — the morphing VacilLogix™ "blue virus." In a cultural moment dominated by the appeal of 3D computer animations, the blue virus is the perfect symbol of contemporary sociopathy.

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Our market

While our ultimate goal is to reach everyone with our liberating sociopathic technologies, we have begun by focusing on our most favorable market segments. Our current primary market consists of 12-30 year-olds, often from North American and European, upper middle-class strata. However, our latest research indicates strongly growing interest trend among disenfranchised minority segments from societies throughout the world. We attribute this trend to the higher personal returns our sociopathic media technologies may afford such groups and are working fervently to accelerate this momentum.

Our strategy

The VacilLogix™ business strategy is grounded in a holistic approach that encompasses both computer and cultural software. At VacilLogix™, we know it isn't enough to focus solely on building the best computer software. It's equally important to consider cultural software—the basic attitudes, beliefs, and ideologies installed in each of us throughout childhood. Malware isn't just a computer problem, and even the best computer software can't fix a broken user. Our cultural software—what others might call branding or marketing—increases consumer awareness and demand for sociopathy. Our research has shown that the combination of these two product lines creates a self-reinforcing positive feedback loop we call the Sociopathy-Entitlement Synergy Engine, which is the primary driving force behind our present and future success.

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Our destiny

The VacilLogix™ vision is what we want, what we need, what we deserve. The world will flock to it like moths to Enlightenment. It will change everything as we know it. An eternal return on investment. It is coming, and like stomach acid in the back of your mouth, sour and remotely metallic, rotting the only good teeth you have left.

Narrated presentation of the VacilLogix™ historical perspective and future vision coming soon.