Are you ready to be CEO of your own life? Time to meet your new executive assistants.

Being an independent corporation-of-one is immensely challenging, particularly in today's harsh economic environment. Big corporations consist of thousands of personnel and nearly inestimable wealth. The only way to survive is to be smarter, faster, and nimbler. Unfortunately, most social exchange applications do nothing but clutter and complicate your life. It's time for a new paradigm in personal software development.

Slightly Sociopathic Software™ from VacilLogix™ is that new paradigm. Its four innovative killer apps give you the sociopathic cutting-edge you need to succeed. Finally, there is software designed for human nature.™



Nothing multiplies your sociopathic potential more than the obsessive rebranding afforded by deceptions. But deception can be very tricky and complicated to master, particularly in situations that require management of multiple deceptions to multiple people at the same time. The payoff to deception can be extremely high but the risk can be equally formidable. That’s why VacilLogix™ has created the Deceptionist™—your personal deception receptionist.™ The Deceptionist™ acts as an intelligent buffer to all of your personal communications, automatically tracking and managing every deception you make. Learn more »


Our entire capitalist system is predicated upon a robust appetite for self-entitlement, and each of us must do our part. But consumption can be confusing. There's an increasing amount of noise in the system with too many distractions to divert us from what we most desire and too few resources to help us get everything to which we're entitled. Introducing the Entitlement Manager™ by VacilLogix™—your lifelong solution for assuring you get exactly what you deserve. EntitlementManager™ gives you complete control over your desires by knowing what you want before you do and providing you with the tools to get it. Learn more »


Trust is a liability none of us can afford. Thanks to online social networks, never has so much personal information been so immediately available. But this wealth of information is an embarrassment of riches that breeds information overload. What is needed is an equally powerful technology for delivering only the information you need most at the precise moment you need it. Fortunately, such a technology exists: the StalkBroker™ by VacilLogix™. StalkBroker™ vigilantly assures 24/7/365 surveillance of your entire social network, providing the comprehensive, real-time, actionable intelligence you need most. Learn more »


Your personal social status is more valuable than your financial portfolio. But while there are hundreds of software applications to help guarantee your financial security, there are none for safeguarding the status of your individual brand image. If your brand isn't under constant attack from competitors, then you must be doing something wrong. Yet manually protecting status boundaries can be a tedious, risky, and time-consuming process. The solution is StatusGuard™ by VacilLogix™—the complete application for policing your much-deserved social privilege. Whether you're clawing your way to the top of the heap or just preserving your dominant position, StatusGuard™ makes securing your social status second-nature. Learn more »