Deception allows you to be whoever you want to whomever you want whenever you want, and that is incredible power.

But deception can be very tricky and complicated to master, particularly in situations that require management of multiple deceptions to multiple people at the same time. The payoff to deception can be extremely high but the risk can be equally high.

That’s why VacilLogix has created the Deceptionist™—your personal deception receptionist.™ The Deceptionist acts as an intelligent buffer to all of your personal communications, automatically tracking and managing every deception you make.



Since one of the most difficult challenges of successful deceptions is remembering exactly what deceptions you told certain people and when, the first Deceptionist™ feature is DeceitSheet™ — an intuitive and intelligent management tool that effortlessly organizes your deceptions by targets, date and time, customizable content tags, and success ratings. DeceitSheet™ even sends you regular reminders of what others think you are doing so that you can consistently keep your stories straight.


Repetition is reality. The more people who corroborate your deception, the truer it is. That’s why the Deceptionist™ also features InCahoots™, our advanced alibi management system that allows you to instantly send alibi requests to your friends at the same moment you’re planning your deception. If you want to tell your wife you’re going fishing with Jim and Larry for the weekend so that you can really go to Vegas with a high-priced prostitute, Jim and Larry better know about it. If Jim and Larry also have Deceptionist™ accounts, InCahoots™ will automatically send each of them alibi requests, as well as sending them regular messages to remind them of their alibis. This network effect is built into all of our software: the more friends in your network who also use our applications, the more powerful your results.


Let’s say your friend Frank just scored two tickets for the playoffs the same day that your company has a team-building retreat and your daughter has a piano recital. No game for you, right? Wrong. Because the Deceptionist’s™ MultipLiar™ feature allows you to infinitely multiply your presence by making you appear to be in multiple places at the same time. Preset as many different social media message decoys to as many different people as you like, and they’re automatically delivered exactly whenever you think is most strategically advantageous, so that you can concentrate on what really matters in life.


Every experienced liar knows that the majority of deceptions come from covering up other deceptions. Each falsehood can generate countless new ones and successfully keeping track of exactly which stories you've told to whom can become increasingly challenging. The Deceptionist's Backtracks™ feature untangles this mess by allowing you to quickly map causal links or "backtracks" to prior deceptions, so that you can always keep your stories straight.


Nothing spoils a perfectly good deception faster than failing to realize its various targets might know one another and put 2 and 2 together. If you tell your mom you’re sleeping over at Megan's house tonight so that you can really spend the night with your boyfriend, you better make darn sure than your mom and Megan’s mom aren't in the same pilates class. That’s why the Deceptionist™ includes MeddleDetector™, a fast and extremely accurate network analysis engine that alerts you to any potential for interference to your deceptions. MeddleDetector™ quickly analyzes the friend lists, interests, and location check-ins of your deception targets to predict whether their combined knowledge might undermine the believability of your deceptions.


Personal progress implies metrics—the ability to assess changes in your performance is the most important component for determining your future sociopathic strategy. That’s why we’ve built our real-time performance-assessment tool, GrandScheme™, into every Slightly Sociopathic Software™ product. As the name implies, GrandScheme™ monitors every online social value exchange to deliver a real-time, big picture view of your current sociopathic performance across the entire VacilLogix™ community. Wonder whether you're more or less deceptive than everyone else? GrandScheme™ gives you honest feedback so that you can act accordingly. With GrandScheme™, you'll know exactly where you stand at any given moment.