Your desires define you. If you want to be the best, you have to want the best.

But consumption can be confusing. There's an increasing amount of noise in the system. Too many distractions to divert us from what we most desire. And too few resources to help us get everything to which we're entitled. Greed is good, but you must carefully feed your greed.

Introducing the EntitlementManager™ by VacilLogix™—your lifelong solution for assuring you get exactly what you deserve. Entitlement Manager™ gives you complete control over your desires by knowing what you want before you do and providing you with the tools to get it. If it isn't in EntitlementManager™, it isn't worth having.



The first step in successful entitlement management is always organization, and nothing organizes your life better than ConciUrge™—your complete utility for capturing, tracking, and achieving your deepest desires. Whether you're after people, places, or things, ConciUrge™ provides a single, centralized, and intuitive database for storing any and all your cravings. But ConciUrge™ doesn't just track your desires, it also helps you achieve them by piggy-backing on existing online procurement services to provide the most recent information on exactly how, when, and where to best scratch your itches. With ConciUrge™ you will never wonder what you want again.


A healthy sense of self-entitlement requires constant accumulation, but this takes time and energy. Sometimes we are so preoccupied with achieving our desires that we forget to stay updated as to the most recent objects of envy. Enter MoreCast™, the advanced, real-time, analysis tool that continuously identifies and recommends new desires, based on your past preferences and the newest product offerings. Additionally, MoreCast™ automatically scours your entire friend network to provide real-time coverage of the most sought after prizes. Why wait to hear that your friend Tiffany got a new R8, when you can beat her to the punch and steal her thunder?

PissingContest™ with CorroboRate™

Just scored with the prom queen? There's no denying that the most satisfying aspect of a successful conquest is often gloating about it to your friends. If you've got it, flaunt it. Only losers would say otherwise. That's why EntitlementManager™ includes PissingContest™, our feature for instantly and effortlessly announcing your conquests to selected members of your friend network. Afraid they won't believe you? Leave that to CorroboRate™—our built-in system for automatically sending corroboration requests to your friends whenever a new accomplishment is posted. A higher CorroboRating™ equals more street cred. Finally, you'll get the recognition you deserve.


While PissingContest™ keeps you apprised of your friends' latest trophies, you may also wish to focus on the specific accomplishments of a limited set of friends. Motivation is the key to success, and nothing motivates us more than productive rivalry. Say hello to EnvyUs™, our intelligent system for regularly reporting on the exploits of your fiercest adversaries. Offering seamless integration with StalkBroker™, EnvyUs™ intelligently provides detailed, up-to-the-second reports on all their accomplishments. Want to make sure you always out-compete your best frenemy, Jessica? Simply add her to your EnvyUs™ watch list, and you'll never miss a feat.


The proper way to achieve your desires is always a matter of perspective. Sometimes the socially approved route is neither effective nor expedient and requires a more creative approach. Fortunately, our unique BackRoom™ feature empowers such inventive path-finding. Leveraging the social capital of the extensive VacilLogix™ community, BackRoom™ is an anonymous community resource for requesting and sharing your favorite shortcuts to success. With content-specific tags, user ratings, and an instantly searchable online database, BackRoom™ gives you immediate access to anything you crave. Know how to get into the hottest clubs without paying cover or waiting in line? Share the love with BackRoom™. Need the latest video game but can't afford it now? BackRoom™ is always open.


Personal progress implies metrics—the ability to assess changes in your performance is the most important component for determining your future sociopathic strategy. That’s why we've built our real-time performance-assessment tool, GrandScheme™, into every Slightly Sociopathic Software™ product. As the name implies, GrandScheme™ monitors every online social value exchange to deliver a real-time, big picture view of your current sociopathic performance across the entire VacilLogix™ community. Think you can rest on your laurels just because you dominate your friend network's PissingContest™? See how you stack up against the best of the best. With GrandScheme™, you'll know exactly where you stand at any given moment.