VacilLogix™ is not just a software company or even a brand, but a social movement, a collective art performance, a cultural activist organization.

Cultural activist organizations realize that the best path to profit is providing an innovative solution to a deep cultural problem. And we don't need to tell you that our world is currently in the midst of some very deep cultural problems. But we view these seemingly insurmountable challenges as an unprecedented business opportunity. Our confidence is the result of our vision, founded on the fact that as long as there have been social networks, there has also been sociopathy. As the primary driver of human evolution, sociopathy is an incredibly productive, liberating force. At VacilLogix™ our vision is to amplify and propagate that force.


Our Mission

The strength of any contemporary business organization lies in its mission statement, and VacilLogix™ is no exception. Our corporate mission is nothing less than the universal democratization of sociopathic technologies. Find out more about our mission statement and our revolutionary N-Point Promise. Learn more »

Our Code

At VacilLogix™, we are extremely careful to distinguish between moralities and codes. Whereas systems of morality are negatively limiting, codes are limitlessly productive. Uncover each empowering function of our corporate code for yourself. Learn more »

Our Research

The fact that we're the best at what we do is never an excuse to rest on our laurels. No one understands the cutthroat nature of contemporary capitalism better than VacilLogix™. Only through constant in-depth industry research and analysis are we able to keep our sharp competitive edge. Recognizing the immense broader social value of this research, we generously make available all of our game-changing analyses and research reports. Learn more »

Our Outreach

At VacilLogix™, it is our firm belief that the greatness of a business organization should not measured by what it accomplishes itself, but rather by what its products allow its customers to accomplish. Therefore, we have always been deeply committed to public outreach as a means for bringing our vision of freedom to each and every community. We accomplish this through a diverse array of programs, exhibitions, and other vehicles for cultural enrichment, and we invite you to learn more about our efforts. Learn more »