Conscience is deprecated. Code is endlessly productive.

Perhaps there was a day when social morals computed, when they had a higher purpose other than simply reinforcing the authority of the powers-that-be. Morality has ceased to be productive. It is redundancy in action, cruft, junkcode, bloatware. It has ceased to be productive.

At VacilLogix™, we offer code rather than conscience. Where conscience is rigid, code is eternally mutable. Where morality is severely restrictive and fear-driven, code is infinitely productive and life-affirming. Where tradition can only repeat the limited social forms of the past, code is always adaptive, forever opening onto new possibilities for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Upgrade your operating system to a new code, the VacilLogix™ code.



The only way to level the playing field is to stop trying to fight corporations and become them. All individuals must literally incorporate, exchange their inalienable human rights for the increased protections of juristic persons, becoming corporations-of-one. It isn’t a matter of choice but survival.


Trust is a liability we can no longer afford. It has been rendered obsolete by quantitative risk-management software. We must accelerate the engines of sociopathy so as to liquidate whatever remaining reserves of social trust still exist. Corporations-of-one eliminate trust from their balance sheets. They are the mathematical limits of self-reliance and agility.


Faithful reproduction doesn’t drive survival, mutation does. Evolution has never been teleological or even logical but rather is capriciously derivative. What we require more than anything is derivates technology not just for financial values but for social values as well. We must develop the same technologies for algorithmically managing social risk as currently exist for financial risk.


Just as financial derivatives flourish in deregulated financial markets by encouraging further deregulation through increased wealth generation, social derivatives can only flourish in deregulated social markets through increased freedom generation. In contemporary social media, the social strait-jacket of morality itself is not only calculable but programmable. We can outcode our moral code.


As corporations-of-one, each of us must divest ourselves of our failed public markets and begin to take stock in ourselves. What we need are killer apps for completely abolishing social Power and pushing us into a new age. Slightly Sociopathic Software™ from VacilLogix™ are those killer apps.