No one brings sociopathy to your cultural institution like VacilLogix™.

At VacilLogix™ we are passionate about communicating our vision of democratizing sociopathy to any and all communities. For us, cultural software is just as important as computer software. That's why we're deeply committed to partnering with both domestic and international cultural institutions to help spread the VacilLogix™ message. It's all part of our promise to you of no sociopath left behind.

As part of this commitment to community, VacilLogix™ routinely designs and installs interactive, information environments that are custom-tailored to the specific goals and resources of each institution. While every VacilLogix™ installation is an entirely unique artistic experience, installations frequently consist of several popular components.


Promotional Videos

VacilLogix™ believes that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions. Nothing captures people's attention like a well-made video experience. Our VacilLogix™ promotional videos are no exception. Melding the state of the art in computer graphics animation with our forward-looking artistic vision, our promotional videos are not only extremely compelling informational media but also works of art in themselves. VacilLogix™ promotional videos are best viewed as large-scale projections or on wide-format, high-definition, flat-screen monitors to maximize the emotional experience for as many of your members as possible. All videos are produced in accodance with the latest high-definition video standards and can be viewed from either a high-definition blu-ray DVD player or a dedicated computer.

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Educational Literature

VacilLogix™ is so much more than just another software startup company. It is a collective art action. An identity. The next great social movement. Yet we at VacilLogix™ know that we can't change the world overnight. Real transformation only occurs through educating individuals. That's why VacilLogix™ has always been fully committed to combining the highest levels of research with the most effective means of educating the wider public about its mission. The fruit of this labor is an extensive collection of VacilLogix™ educational literature, designed with enough diversity to appeal to any social demographic. In considering its installations, VacilLogix™ actively works with each cultural institution to determine the specific mix of literature most appropriate to its audience, whether from information pamphlets that succinctly convey the most salient educational points to in-depth cultural analyses which provide rigorous historical, economic, and cultural justifications for our bold vision for the future.

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Software Demonstrations

But why just take our word for it? While our VacilLogix™ cultural software is always a huge success, we understand full well that the true stars of the show are often our Slightly Sociopathic Software™ applications. Whether it's the Deceptionist™ ("Your personal deception receptionist!"), the EntitlementManager™ ("Feed your greed."), StalkBroker™ ("Surveillance made simple."), or StatusGuard™ ("Protect your privilege."), people everywhere love to interact with our latest software prototypes and demonstrations. As a result, every VacilLogix™ installation features interactivity stations where users can experience firsthand the true power of the VacilLogix™ vision of fully democratized computational sociopathy. Custom-designed VacilLogix™ interactive kiosks provide users the rare opportunity to experience Apple iMacs and iPhones installed with the full suite of Slightly Sociopathic Software™ applications.

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Executive Appearances

While all our advanced sociopathic machines for distributing our revolutionary message are remarkably effective, sometimes a personal touch is needed. That's why VacilLogix™ regularly awards a few lucky venues each year the invaluable opportunity to meet directly with VacilLogix™ founder and CEO, Casey Alt. As the first consciously created corporation-of-one and the intellectual force behind the entire VacilLogix™ enterprise, Casey has become widely acclaimed as an international thought-leader, performance artist, and motivational speaker. His institutional appearances most commonly celebrate the openings of new VacilLogix™ institutional installations and often take the form of a custom-tailored personal address to attendees. It is recommended that institutions desiring a peronal appearance submit their requests at least six months to a year in advance of their events as they are in very high demand and Casey's time is exceptionally limited.

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